Movie details of the RaOne

Director:      Anubhav Sinha
Producer:    Shaharukh Khan,
                        Gauri Khan
Writer:       David  Benullo
Music:          Vishal-Shekhar
Actor & Actress:
                        Shaharukh Khan,
                        Karina Kapoor,
                        Arjun Rampal


The film is making keeping in mind the interest of kids and families. Shot in contemporary London story is about a superhero who has an amazing ability to freeze electricity.

In the movie, Shah Rukh Khan portrays a Miami based software engineer named Shekhar, who as a video-game hero fights off his self-created techno-monster Ra One. Ra.1 Story also flows into a situation wherein Shah Rukh Khan falls for Kareena Kapoor who plays the lead role opposite Shah Rukh as the mother of a 8-year-old and whom he starts imagining  as one of the characters.

Shah Rukh Khan's character in the Ra.on story is known as G.One which stands for Good One. The actor, who had to pump out lots of iron to gain a hunky look for his super-hero role joked over Twitter on May 31, that he feels as if G.One stands for Gaunt One.