Tejas the world's smallest, light weight, multi-role combat aircraft

The 1st indigenous fighter aircraft urbanized in India in five decades — the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas — enthused closer to induction into the Air Force with clearance of its Initial Operational Configuration by the Centre for Military Airworthiness.
A certificate deeming the LCA to be safe for more tests by the IAF, leading to the final operational approval,
The LCA,(TEJAS) conceived and intended by the Aeronautical Development Agency of the DRDO and manufactured at the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, has been almost 27 years to made up.
The  total cost of LCA  plan, with Rs 25,000-crore goverment spending so far, is expected to provide the IAF with 4th generation class fighter when it achieves last operational arrangement by 2012. The plan has trainer and naval versions of the LCA  like TEJAS piggy-backing on it away from spawning new aircraft design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities that could see spin off aircraft.