Memory crads Vs USB flash drives and portable HDDs

  1. memory cards are very portable and have a huge capacity in a small size.

  2. Memory cards are easy to carry and compatible with most of the system software, whereas flash drives at times have to be formatted to be made ready to use.

  3. Memory cards are generally inserted into the device and left there. Due to this, there are lesser chances of misplacing or damaging the memory cards. In case of flash drive or portable hard disk (HDD), the drive has to be inserted time and again and carried separately. This means there is chance of the drive getting damaged or misplaced.

  4. Memory cards, depending on the version, can be used in multiple devices, which is not possible with flash drives or portable hard drives.

  5. Form factor: Memory card: 15X11X1.4 mm^3; USB drive: 40X20X10mm^3; Portable HDD: 91X72X15mm^3

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